Live and Let Die: Audacity in Business 2

The magic factors

Now, if you go ahead and turn yourself upside down to be audacious, you will most likely freak people out. do not use the 2/10 rule too frivolously! You should always consider three very important factors: the field you are in, and the people involved. Right, that makes two, but naturally, the people involved are a) your dear opposite and b) yourself.

  • Your field: Are you in the creative business or, say, in the hotel business? Look at the business you are in, and at the general tenor around you. As a rule, the more public and impersonal your surrounding is, the less audacious you can be to bring your point through.
  • Your opposite: Analyze and evaluate them. Being a good judge of character comes in handy here. What is your opposites state of mind? Are they cool, youthful and easy-going, or are they rather inhibited, traditional and stiff? You will not make a good impression on narrow-minded people by being overly audacious.
  • Yourself: Look at yourself and try to realize how other people see you. How do you come across? Do you radiate authority? What do you look like? What is your style, your diction, your appearance like? Also, what is your social status? Is claiming that you are the best in your field part of your image? A rather introverted and strait character with a superimposed audacity blazer will not scare a single bird out of its nest, but will most likely damage your image.

Action summary

Adjust your level of audacity to the business field you are in, to your opposites tenor, and to your own character. If you manage to find the right way for yourself, with the portion of audacity that suits you best, you may find that sticking out of the mass in this particular way can act as the extra mile. Just take care that that mile does not lead backwards, got it?

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