Criticize me! (for Designers) 2

We can try putting ourselves in an outsider’s position – in fact, that is what we should do, if were a good designer -, but we will never reach a point of full impartiality. Were in love with our design; and as much as we are open to constructive criticism, we can’t help it but to have feelings for it! Whatever we create will always be a part of us. Every design we produce arose from within our mind, and we molded and shaped it to our convenience, until we got the finished comp. No wonder we are in a rut.

Embrace criticism.

Look at it this way: who is it you design for? If you are drawing a picture for your living room, you should not mind about an outsider’s opinion, because it is you who has to look at the picture, not them. But in most cases, our business is not about pictures for our living room. We design for outsiders! it is the outsider who will be looking at our creation; mostly even for a much longer time as ourselves, because we have already moved on to our next project.


So, the next time you get negative feedback about your design from an outsider, welcome it! Take it with an open mind, and try to understand, I mean really understand, what they are trying to tell you. Most of the time, you can isolate a problem an outsider names and pinpoint it is origin, if you only ask questions: if they say they do not like it, ask what exactly it is they do not like about it. do not take it personally; try to be nice, and strive for a more precise answer to that question.

As a designer, you will always have to take criticism. That comes with the profession. And if you think about it, you will see that criticism is not your enemy, but your closest friend. Embrace it!

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